AKC’s Covid-19 Best Practices by Sport



Obedience & Rally

All Sports

So here are the links that AKC has provided on their website for participants of dog sports for best practices during these confusing times. We singled out Conformation, Agility and Obedience & Rally because we have many member who participate in these sports with their dogs. They have not posted for all dog sports, yet. We did provide a link to the entire list so that you can check their page to see if another sport you participate in is listed. Since Dock Diving is sanctioned by NADD but recognized by AKC, I would check NADD’s website for their recommendations going forward. These are challenging times as Clubs try to figure out if they are allowed to hold trials in certain areas of the country and what exactly the rules are because they seem to be ever changing. We will try to keep everyone updated. Stay safe & stay healthy!

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