Grooming Seminar

At July’s meeting we were treated to a grooming seminar by Mimi Brown.  We learned proper grooming for the show ring.  Lucky for us there was a puppy around so we also got a refresher course in posting ears.  We try to do quite a few educational meetings a year. . . So far we’ve had a course on how to hook up your doberman’s holter monitor & now we are ready to hit the show ring with our expertly groomed Doberman Pinschers. . .


Thank you Mimi for an excellent seminar!


Here we have ear & hindquarter clipping. . . Getting rid of stray hairs for a clean look.

Puppy ears and grooming class 009

Puppy ears and grooming class 008


Now to puppy ear posting. . . Always fun!

Puppy ears and grooming class 006Puppy ears and grooming class 001

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